Repetition is…

The dismemberment of the mind

And the atrophy of the soul.


“I will remember to endeavor to never forget to attempt

To follow tradition without thought, without question…


…without reflection of inclination or reason…”

You’ll write this 100 times, or it’s treason.

You’ll live this 200 times before your season


—My father’s weary eyes melt inward.

All hail the death of the majority’s hero!

Surely he knew exactly

what his father’s fathers had done—


“…And I won’t question whether I’m out of line.”

As long as you cage someone else, you’ll be fine.



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  1. you did an amazing job,


    awesome lines!

    • I’ve got another one coming along the same mood…sorry for all the darker poetry. Sometimes I just slip in and out of it…I think it makes my comedy and brighter stuff more appreciable. 😀

  2. a joyful and amazing read.
    thank you.

    Have you a great week!





    • Thank you, Shakira. Your words are too kind. 😉

  3. oooohhh, that’s quite a poem 🙂
    really enjoyed it, especially the last two lines:

    ““…And I won’t question whether I’m out of line.”
    As long as you cage someone else, you’ll be fine.”

    wooow =))

    • Thank you very much, Glitter! I’m so glad you stopped by to see me…our conversation shall be long and within the depths of meaning. 😀

      The “Good” Doctor

      • hehe. i am sure of that 🙂
        the good doctor, eh? hehe. that made me smile =))

  4. Hmm, I’m reading a little deeper here, or maybe between the lines…It’s good to break from traditions sometimes, and break from family. Sometimes I wish I had that sort of history, but I suppose I can tell my kids that I’m the beginning of a new start for their history lol ❤

    • Tradition, in some ways, is there for a reason…or it wouldn’t be there, of course XD However, when what is really supposed to be a behavioral guide becomes lack of thought…that is when it is my enemy.

      I’m not too far from it to be reverent, but not close enough to deprive myself of mind.

  5. Great post. “I will remember to endeavor to never forget to attempt” An amazing line. Thanks,

    • Thanks Adam, I appreciate you stopping by and I’m glad you could take something from it 🙂 I hope to converse with you again, soon.

      The “Good” Doctor

  6. what a deep one… 🙂 this is why i think you should have this:

    • Thank you, Isha! I’ve had regrettably less time on here as of late, but you still make me smile. 🙂

  7. […] 6. Dr. Jekyll […]


    an award for poetry..or whatever in the lower bottom of my post!
    Happy Thursday!


    poetry award,
    Happy Thursday!

    • Thank you, Ji! I welcome anyone and everyone who finds some usefulness here. 🙂

  10. to follow tradition like a herd of sheep seems ridiculous but so many do it. to find reason for all action gives purpose rather than to do something merely cuz it’s always been done – the easy road.

    great poem…


    • Thank you, IS. The easy road is a drug of the spirit, but many people don’t see it that way. They don’t look at it in terms of itself, but in terms of all the other hardships they see in their life. Obsession with equalization leads them to justify the easy road when they feel times are too hard, and yet they still manage to pay for it.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  11. this is incredible.
    good one

    • thank you very much, kokot 🙂

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